About TheatrePunk

Who Are We?

Lauren:   A full time theatre obsessive working in theatre admin. Strongly believe there is nothing better than spending an evening in a darkened thespic fun-palace. Find me on twitter @LaurenCaddick

Eliza: aka Punkette – equally obsessed theatre worker, as well as an actor, dancer and general creative type. Find her on twitter @Minilyzer

James:   Film Journalist by day, but is dipping his toe into the world of theatre. The majority of his reviews are for film (what with being paid for that, and all) , but he’ll occasionally pop up on here with an incredibly insightful review about something marvellous that will put Lauren to shame. You can find him on twitter @JLuxfordfilm

TheatrePunk is about making the world of theatre accessible.

If you believe the theatrical world extends a little further than Theatreland, then this is for you.

If you have been inspired by any production- big, small, musical, silent, in a theatre, on the street, in a phonebox, in a shoebox- and it left you breathless, tearful, angry, hysterical, happy or just entertained, then this is for you.

We aren’t people who are going to ‘sit back and enjoy the show’ – we aren’t interested in that. We want to be engaged. We want to be challenged. We want to step into the picture frame, strip away all the mystique and glamour, and discover something truly exciting.

We are TheatrePunk, and the jazz hands stop here.

  1. Review of Troika’s Romeo And Juliet at

    http://www.remotegoat.co.uk/review_view.php?uid=7026 Gave your site a mention. Planning to post on my own blog tomorrow.

    • theatrepunks says:

      Thanks David, that’s fantastic!
      Will give you a shout out in an upcoming blog and/or link to your blog on twitter in return. If there’s any way to put a link to TheatrePunk on that review that would be fantastic, no problem if not, though. Lauren.

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