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You could be fooled into thinking that Uninvited Guests piece is simply an exercise in tugging at the heartstrings, but within a few minutes of taking your seat, it becomes clear that this is not the case.

Uninvited Guest’s concept is one so basic you will marvel that no one has done it before. We are given a glass of sparkling wine and a seated around a large party table. Our hosts, seated at either end of this table, then proceed to play song after song as they read out anonymous dedications from the audience. Love Letters is unashamedly sentimental, and in this world, it is always Valentines Day.

At one point Jess Hoffman recreates the exhilaration and excitement of her first love. Richard Dufty then expresses his love for his girlfriend through interpretive dance, and the audience are asked to throw flowers over reconciled lovers, cradling one another in the centre of our party. But despite these gloriously theatrical moments. the real star of this show is the audience.

Even the most stoic audience member would shed a tear at some of the beautiful moments that were created for us. Each dedication becomes a brief glimpse into the lives of those seated around you. Some are so beautifully written they become a form of poetry, while some are shorter though by no means less moving.  There are toasts to lovers, to absent friends, and moments of silence for those who have passed.

The anonymity of these dedications allow a certain freedom amongst the group. In a way it doesn’t matter who the songs are for –you begin to feel like you are in a room full of friends as these stories about life, love and loss are played out through music. By the end of the show the emotion in the room is palpable, and it is nigh on impossible to remain unmoved.

This show, for me, is exactly what theatre should be. It is honest, beautiful, heartbreaking, and joyous. I cannot praise it highly enough, and I urge anyone and everyone to see it. Send in a dedication, bring a friend and a box of tissues, and enjoy an evening of music and stories.